Friday, October 9, 2020

Life in Long Beach

 Long Beach shares the summer Mediterranean climate along with the rest of Washington. While snow is not common, it may happen once in a while. The great climate makes Long Beach one of the favorite destinations for many people. The residents say that this is a big city but with a small-town vibe. The close community tie is easily observed in the neighborhood. The cosmopolitan feels and the breath of fresh are just so enticing for many tourists. Long Beach is also the hometown of many famous restaurants, landmarks, and even popular movie stars. If you are looking for a place to move or spend your vacation, Long Beach is one perfect city for you.

Discover Recovery

Many people consider relapse with substance addiction as a failure. But this should not be the case. Relapse is not a reason to give up all your previous effort. In fact, it should teach you the lessons on how you can better manage your addiction. Substance addiction is a chronic disease and this cannot be addressed in one sitting. This is why there are centers like Discover Recovery that specializes in relapse cases. The center understands that recovery is a lifelong process and the struggle for clients will always be there. Instead of running away from the problem, face it with a hopeful spirit. There are highly qualified treatment facilities like Discover Recovery that can help you build a new life and handle the relapse in the most professional way.

Letters Policy

The Chinook Observer welcomes letters from readers. Letters may be submitted via; emailed to; mailed to P.O. Box 427, Long Beach, WA 98631; or dropped by our office at 205 Bolstad Ave. E, Suite 2, Long Beach. Please include a phone number where you can be reached in case we have questions. Read more here...

With the vast coverage of the internet, everyone can now be a writer and voice out their opinion. In the previous years, you need to have a strong influence to get your thoughts published even in just a local newspaper. But those days are gone. Everyone gets an equal chance and Chinook Observer made it possible for the people of Long Beach. However, bear in mind that in every opportunity comes responsibility. It is important that we give honest comments and constructive opinions. While the letters will be under the scrutiny of editors prior to publication, it is always helpful to read a little about ethics in journalism to guide all of us in practicing our writing skills. 

World Kite Museum & Hall-Fame in Long Beach, WA

The World Kite Museum is probably the only museum in the world dedicated to telling the story about kites. Kites have a 2500-year-old history and there are surely so many stories about them that are worth sharing with your kids. The hands-on exhibit and interactive displays allow you to enjoy this traditional activity. The museum is definitely worth your day if you are visiting Long Beach, Washington. It has more than 1500 kites in-display coming from different countries around the world. There are no two kites that are alike here and because of this, you will be fascinated at the craftsmanship put into each artwork.

Long Beach, Washington

Addiction treatment has been a mainstay in the healthcare setting making many of the rehabilitation centers mediocre when it comes to their services. But this is not the case for Discover Recovery in Long Beach, Washington. They believe that substance addiction is deeply rooted in a person’s life and thus, they focus not just on the addiction itself but in other areas of life. They create an environment that is emotionally corrective and supportive. The comprehensive, scientifically-proven and multi-disciplinary therapies are nationally recognized. They continuously raise the bar in rehabilitation treatment and receive accreditations from various third-party institutions who can vouch for their excellent services.

Link to maps

World Kite Museum & Hall-Fame

303 SW Sid Snyder Dr, Long Beach, WA 98631, United States

Head north toward 10th St S/Sid Snyder Dr

118 ft

Turn right onto 10th St S/Sid Snyder Dr

0.2 mi

Turn left onto S Washington Ave

 The destination will be on the right

0.7 mi

Discover Recovery

800 Washington Ave N, Long Beach, WA 98631, United States